Disinfection Service

As the virus variants to become more and more terrifying, Alpha Green's disinfection services for different types of new virusescan solve customers' problems.In the past,people only pay attention to air disinfection in the operation room or transportation.However, through SARS, coronavirus (COVID-19) and influenza, disinfection is increasingly popular in households and offices. Alpha Green has rich experience in disinfection services and we are familiar with the principle of disinfection. With the authoritative disinfectant and the latest air disinfection spray, our services can achieve a better effect of disinfection compared with pure UV disinfection or household disinfection machine. Not only can our services kill viruses in a comprehensive way, but also keep indoor air fresh. The disinfection team of MasterClean provides you with comprehensive, safe and efficient services so that you are no longer plagued by poor air quality and the threat of germs.

AHP® Patented EfficientSterilization Scheme

Alpha Green AHP® Patented EfficientSterilization Scheme: Using a To hospital-grade disinfectant Diversey Oxivir © which isregistered and certified by EPA and TGA, bacteria and viruses are killed quickly andefficiently within 1 minute. It is suitable to use in infected places.

Diversey Oxivir® TbHospital-grade disinfectant's Features

• EPA Registration and Certification (EPA Registration No. 70627-56)

• Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (GA) certifies an effective killing of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) within 1 minute

• AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Technology) patented disinfection and sterilization technology

• Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) in the disinfectant will break down into water and oxygen, which makes it harmless to the human body and suitable for children, pets, pregnant women, the elderly and thephysically weak

•A number of authoritative reports of experiments have proved the disinfectant effective in killing more than 256 viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus (COVID-19), SARS virus, HIN1 Influenza A virus,Type A2 influenza virus (HongKong), avian influenza virus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.

• Non-corrosive without any added spices. It contains no bleaching formula and brings no damage to the surface. It is environmental- friendly and will not release VOC.

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