Anti Slip Flooring Service

If the floor is stained with water or oil that will easily have a slip and fall accidents. Our company provides a high-quality anti-slip floor coating technical can enhance the floor friction to reduce accidents and ensure safety.

• Improve the floor friction and safety

• Fast application. The floor can be used immediately after treatment.

• Harmless to body (Non Toxic. No Odour)

• Hassle Free, Easy maintenance.

• Suitable for many places.

Anti-slip standard

Some countries have established regulations on anti-skid indoor and outdoor, but Hong Kong has not a complete set of inspection methods. Therefore, the most used anti-skid standard for the Hong Kong market is the ASTM anti-skid coefficient.

ASTM divides the anti-skid coefficient into five levels: the anti-skid coefficient must reach 0.5 to meet the safe level, 0.6 or more is very safe, and below 0.5 is a dangerous level


Untreated floor have a smooth surface, but there are many holes of different sizes that we can't see it. When the floor splashed with water or oil, it will reduce friction which is easy to cause accidents.

After treatment, it forms infinite microscopic nano-slip holes on the surface of the tile, it increases the co-efficient of floor friction and reduce the slip and accidents.

Importance Of Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Alpha Green provide the best of anti slip flooring treatment service, which can enhance the floor friction and it will not damage the tiles.The high quality service can reduce slip and fall accidents and also reduce the consequences of accidents.